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RBS Global Conduits Investor Reporting

RBS Global Conduits is a product area within Global Portfolio, serving asset owners throughout RBS. Its funding is fully integrated with the Group's liquidity management and under the governance of Group Treasury.

RBS is a leading conduit sponsor with over $25bn of ABCP in issuance.

RBS has built a reputation for being proactive in its investor relations and is highly responsive to investors' requirements for information. Its programmes achieve global distribution in ABCP markets across all major currencies. Since the integration of the RBS and ABN conduit businesses, there has been a deliberate focus on funding customer and bank assets through the multi-seller and own asset conduits. Conduit finance is designed to compliment other lending techniques RBS feels is appropriate to satisfy customer requirements.

Adrian Hill

European Head of Conduit Funding and EMEA Investor Relations

+44 20 7085 8749

Robert Graff

Global Head of Conduit Funding and Investor Relations

+1 312 664 6625

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Current Sellers

We sponsor the following conduits:

Multi Sellers

  • Abel Tasman - Asia
  • TAGS - Europe
  • Amsterdam - US
  • Windmill - US